Faro West Lobeke Safaris


The savannah area is an exclusive 400,000 acre concession in the center of northern Cameroon, near the FaroNational Park. This protected area has yielded an astounding 100% success ratio on Giant Lord Derby Eland, the « ghost of the central African savannah. » In the past twenty years Pierre’s clients have taken an unbelievable 200 Giant Eland. Many are taken in the first few days of the safari! This area is also home to good concentrations of all of the central African species such as N. Western Buffalo, Western Roan, Sing-sing Waterbuck, N. Bohor Reedbuck and Harnessed Bushbuck. The savannah camp is one of the most luxurious in central Africa. It is set on the bank of the FaroRiver, and is comprised of fully air conditioned chalets with full amenities, plus an excellent service with fully trained staff.

The forest concessions are located in southeast Cameroon near the Lobeke` National Park. Those 600,000 acre concessions sits at the border with the Congo and C.A.R. in the center of the equatorial rain forest. It is a paradise for forest game. Once again Pierre’s clients have been 100% on Bongo hunting with indigenous Pygmy trackers and have taken many excellent W. Sitatungas, D.F. Buffalos and G.F. Hog.


Cameroon Formalities : Visa and Gun Importations – We need :
VISA « only » application processing
- Valid passport for 6 month.
- 2 ID photos.

Optional for importing guns:
in addition to visa requirements send also:
- 2 additional ID photos 
- Copy flight itinerary 
- Customs form 4457.
- Copy of the gun PURCHASE INVOICE.
- TEMPORARY PERMIT completed with all details …and signed

Visa « only » – 7 days
Firearm import permit – 15 days
Cameroon lodging – DOUALA PULLMAN HOTEL

200€ – Each Deluxe room with Breakfast 
206€ – Obtain VISA only.
Optional for importing guns:
124€ – Each gun Firearm Importation Fee
180€ – Train ticket Paris-Brussels-Paris
300€- VIP Agency Fee for Visa Only or E 500 for Visa and Gun(s)

Email – iles.voyages@wanadoo.fr


Cameroon arrival requirements:

In addition to the pre safari processing to be done directly with the French travel agency,
please also take you to Cameroon:

  • Your Cameroon visa stamped passports;
  • Your Cameroon embassy approved firearm import permits – NA;
  • Original health cards with active yellow fever immunizations;
  • Two passport size photos;
  • Copy of the first two pages inside your passports.
  • Copy of the embassy stamped visas inside your passports.
  • Copy of the firearm permit. N/A

N/A = NOT APPLICABLE if not importing firearms

Meet/greet professional:

Emile Njamo, *237-699803337, emijamo@yahoo.fr