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Pierre Guerrini


Known since twenty five years as a distinctive experienced professional hunter, Pierre Guerrini, Life member of SCI has received the 2012 international professional hunter of the year award.


As Pierre became highly visible so did his famous company, Faro West became Faro West Lobeke in 2012 in association with Benjamin de Rothschild.


Simply, all Faro West Lobeke clients 2018 that hunted the savannah and the Forest were again 100% in taking all priority species. 
This fantastic performance seems to have matched the almost unbelievable 2015 results.


 » I’m excited and proud to report the quantity and quality of trophies taken this year surpass Faro’s previous excellent performances.
In fact, I’ve never known of any other safari outfitter to produce like Faro West Lobeke has done ! «